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You Lose, Big Business Wins

 New 21 Percent Tax Rate Has Big Business Smiling from Tarbell Admin on Vimeo. Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce earned $6.6 million [...]

ODRAM – One Day Ride Across Michigan

Just a flash back in Michigan bicycle riding history. The ODRAM, One Day Ride Across Michigan, was an annual event sponsored by The West Michigan Spokes Folks of Muskegon, Michigan. [...]

Davis, Donald

WXYZ: Film processing. See also the

A Great Win for Democrats in Wisconsin

Todd Richmond (Associated Press) writes in the Wisconsin State Journal: Patty Schachtner defeated Republican state Rep. Adam Jarchow for an open state Senate seat Tuesday in an upset victory for [...]

Israel v Hamas – Solutions?

Stop the blame, stop the suspicion. Refugee Camps - Create UN monitor refugee camps just inside Israel border with facilities for women and children until conflict eases. This would include [...]