Arizona 347 – Most Dangerous Road in Arizona

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Arizona 347 – Most Dangerous Road in Arizona

A major artery into and from the City of Maricopa to the metro Phoenix area is one of the most dangerous roads in the State of Arizona.


Speeders: It’s not unusual to see people going over and estimated 100 miles per hour weaving in/out of traffic.  Very little traffic control because of lack of enforcement personnel.

Southbound at Riggs: Trucks and cars use right should to make right turns driving down the right should for at least a mile.

Northbound at Cement Plant: Trucks don’t stop when making a right turn (north) on AZ 347 even when they have a red light.  Although, there is an acceleration lane, cars slam on their brakes thinking they are turning in front of them.  Trucks should always make a stop before making a right turn on red.

Riggs Light Remaining Red:  Even with no cross traffic, Riggs stays Green for as long as 43 seconds without traffic backing up cars going north and/or south bound on 347.

June 14, 2017 – 4:16pm

Arizona 347The nightmare of AZ 347

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