AZ Ruling on Gay Marriage Ban Expected Soon

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AZ Ruling on Gay Marriage Ban Expected Soon

Attorney Heather Macre

[Story originally appeared August 4, 2014]

Jason Barry from CBS 5 in Phoenix, Arizona, writes, “A major ruling on same-sex marriage in Arizona is expected any day now.

A lawsuit challenging the state’s gay marriage ban is making its way through federal court.

Terry Pochert and Joe Connolly, of Maricopa, are one of seven couples leading the charge to give same-sex couples the right to marry in Arizona.

“To me, it’s very simple,” said Pochert. “Two people love each other, and are committed to each other for a lifelong relationship.  We just want the same rights that any other couple in a long term relationship would have.”

In 2008, Arizona voters amended the state constitution  to include the definition of marriage as only between one man and one woman.

Other states did the same. …”[1]


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