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Bosses by Art Fettig

"I told my boss where he could shove it." I was just sitting here thinking of the bosses I have had in my life. I guess you might say that every person I ever worked for was, in a way, a boss. It was my job to keep them happy. Then if you [...]

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does by Art Fettig

Photo from Pixabay Did you ever do anything really stupid?  Things that cost you dearly?  Maybe you lost a friend or a lover or a job or a career because of your stupidity. Maybe you got kicked out of school or were publicly humiliated. Maybe you went to jail. Now if you are [...]

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Art Fettig – “How The Years Fly Bye”

Art and Jean Fettig Jean and I will have been married over 90 years as you read this. (Not all of those years to each other.) I was married 39 years previously and she was 35 years. May 19th we will have been married 16 years together. We met online. I lived in [...]

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Not Dancing in the Dark – Art Fettig Newsletter – June 22, 2009

Art Fettig's Monday Morning Memo June 22, 2009 800-441-7676 or 919-732-6994 artfettig@aol.com In This Issue o Not Dancing in the Dark o Say Something Good o Visit Our Website o Points To Ponder o A Little Humor o Quote of the Week o To Subscribe Never underestimate the ability of man to find a [...]

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Easter Eggs by Art Fettig

Sunrise Services, Easter Egg Hunts, Deviled Eggs, Chocolate Rabbits, Malted Milk Eggs, Name your own poison but whatever it is it will probably remind you that with Easter and its religious significance comes the temporal fringe benefits.I saw a rabbit out in front of our house as I pulled up the drive yesterday and just [...]

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