Senior Exercises for People Over 60

Exercise for People Over 60 Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side. With a 5-ob potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides ad hold them there as long as you can.  Try to reach a full minute, and then relax. [...]

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IMPACT – Environmental Reports – Our Ocean’s Reefs

It's no news that the planet's rain forest are on the verge of extinction. But now conservationists say we may also be decimating their undersea equivalent. The world's coral reefs are in danger. Environmental reporter Stephanie Abrams reports on a subsurface look at the problem and what can be done to help. Stephanie says that [...]

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Limiting Dashboard Access in WordPress

Remove Dashboard Access - WordPress Plugin If you are using a subscription based website which has basic subscribers who only need to edit their provide when they login, the "Dashboard" link in the left navigation panel appears.  This "Dashboard" link can cause confusion to those other than editors and administrators. A nifty little [...]

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A Bit of WXYZ History

Created by Megan Saunders and by Erik Smith, this wonderful summary of the history of WXYZ is a winner.  Many of the folks at the Reunion on September 21, 2013, missed seeing this presentation because of a technical snafu and missing adapter, but it's here for you to see.  Please enjoy and we welcome your [...]

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Email Marketing

Our Favorites... Fire Drum Email Marketing - Since 1999, their core business has been creating cost-effective, easy to use email marketing solutions that get results. They can customize any level of service ranging from Do-it-yourself campaigns to Reseller, Private Label, Managed, Corporate communications and Multi-location campaigns with segmented logic. MailChimp - MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing [...]

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Arizona 347 – Most Dangerous Road in Arizona

A major artery into and from the City of Maricopa to the metro Phoenix area is one of the most dangerous roads in the State of Arizona. Issues: Speeders: It's not unusual to see people going over and estimated 100 miles per hour weaving in/out of traffic.  Very little traffic control because of lack of [...]

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Connert Media Supports Net Neutrality

Do it now! Don't let the President, Congress or the FCC destroy the Internet This is very important especially for individuals and small business trying to survive in this technological age. Take two minutes of your time: On your computer, not your phone, go to: Under Proceeding enter the numbers 17-108. Enter [...]

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Aiken Schenk Honored at HRC Gala

It began with a simple question. In December 2013, as Shawn Aiken and his wife arrived at their church in Tempe, Arizona, Joe Connolly, a fellow church member, asked Shawn whether he knew any lawyers who might be interested in challenging Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage. Shawn thought about and discussed the case with his [...]

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Trump Lands in Japan Despite Protests

Literally within hours of arriving in Japan...#trump #maga #japan Trump in Japan — Rob Lando (@DCRobMan) November 5, 2017 References: Politicus  USA, November 4, 2017, Jason Easley - The Moron Abroad: Trump Insults Japan By Telling “Samurais” To Shoot Down N. Korea Missiles

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