The Nightmare of Arizona 347 into the City of Maricopa

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, another major fatality occurred on AZ 347 going south between I-10 and Riggs Rd. [2] ABC 15, Phoenix, Arizona ABC 15 News Helicopter [1] Yes, this is traffic piling up at Casa Blanca Road on AZ 347. Soon after the accident, the Arizona Department of Transportation tweeted [...]

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Gates Foundation Presents Goalkeepers 20017, Part Two

Goalkeepers is an event hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in New York City filled with inspiring stories and driven by data, dedicated to accelerating world progress. Goalkeepers will help bring together a generation of determined thinkers, doers and givers to help hit the ambitious Global Goals target, in whatever way they can. [...]

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WXYZ 2013 Reunion – Compilation

WXYZ: We have received thousands of pictures taken at the WXYZ 2013 Employee Reunion and are slowly compiling them into one location for everyone to view and cherish.  If you have pictures you would like to share, please visit our Contact Page.  

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Outside Courthouses, a Flurry of Weddings

Arizona Republic writes, "Karen Bailey and Nelda Majors, a couple for nearly 57 years, were among the first to get a marriage license Friday in downtown Phoenix after a federal judge ruled that Arizona must allow same-sex couples to marry." [1] References: Arizona Republic, October 18, 2014, Anne Ryman - outside courthouses, a flurry of [...]

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Ross Reck: Costco Cares About its Employees and it Shows

Employee Engagement One of my favorite places to shop is Costco Wholesale. The store nearest to my home opened nearly 30 years ago. What impresses me most about the place is that some of the employees who were working there the day this store opened are still there! Furthermore, they’re still smiling, greeting you with [...]

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