Ross Reck: The Surest Way To Gain Influence

Is Your Ego Showing? Ross Reck writes, "Many people attempt to gain influence by calling attention to themselves--things they've accomplished, places they've been, things they own, people they know and so forth.  While such behavior comes quite naturally to most of us, it does little to improve your standing with those around you because most [...]

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“45” Violates Constitution Again Regarding Military Transgender Issues

ACLU Sues "45" The American Civil Liberties Union tweeted Monday that it is suing President Donald Trump over his ban of transgender people serving in the military. BREAKING: We're taking @realDonaldTrump to court to challenge the unconstitutional transgender military ban. — ACLU National (@ACLU) August 28, 2017 Lambda Legal Sues "45" BREAKING: We just [...]

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Art Fettig’s Newsletter: Love Sweet Love

Art Fettig's Monday Morning Memo  August 21st, 2017 In this Issue o  Love Sweet Love o  Say Something Good o  Points To Ponder o  A Little Humor o  Quote o  To Subscribe Love Sweet Love Once again there seems to be a whole lot of anger and hatred traveling around this nation of ours.  What [...]

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