Love Finds You In Charm – Date Disaster

Congratulations to the Meg Whitman. She plays a lead role, an Amish girl in this television movie. Her proud parents are David Whitman and Carol Coughlin Whitman. Dave was an anchor WXYZ back in the 70's . Carol was the news director at WRIF FM . Meg Whitman, daughter of David Whitman and Carol Coughlin [...]

Coughlan-Choquette, Jill

  Jill with her dog Elvis WXYZ: TV programming. Died: January 9, 2008. Three-time Emmy award winning TV producer Jill Coughlan lost her battle with breast cancer. Interning at WXYZ she made her mark with John and Marilyn at Kelly and Company. She moved on to KGO in her native San Francisco with continued [...]

NEA Radio Broadcasts over WWJ and WXYZ

The annual convention of the National Education Association, to be held June 26 to July 1 [1037] at Detroit, will be marked by five broadcasts over the NBC networks.  Originating in the studios of WWJ and WXYZ, NBC affiliates in Detroit, the program will include talks by noted educators attending the convention and a dramatic [...]

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