Mrs. Martha Etzel Obituary

Mrs. Martha Etzel Mrs. Martha Etzel, a life long resident of Huron County, passed away at Hubbard Memorial hospital on Sunday, May 7, after a long illness.  Mrs. Etzel was born February 13, 1987 at Port Austin.  She is survived by her husband, William, and three children, Norman J. Etzel, Gunners Mate 3rd. class U.S. [...]

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Pochert, Terrel L. “Terry”

Terry Pochert   American Forces Thailand Network with American Forces Radio and Television Network WXYZ: AM/FM/TV Engineering, News editing supervisor. Before joining WXYZ in 1972, Terry worked with the American Forces Radio and Television Network (American Forces Thailand Network). News: Lead Plaintiffs in Suite against the State of Arizona settled in Terry's favor [...]

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