Pochert, Terrel L. “Terry”

Terry Pochert   American Forces Thailand Network with American Forces Radio and Television Network WXYZ: AM/FM/TV Engineering, News editing supervisor. Before joining WXYZ in 1972, Terry worked with the American Forces Radio and Television Network (American Forces Thailand Network). News: Lead Plaintiffs in Suite against the State of Arizona settled in Terry's favor [...]

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Port Hope’s St. John Lutheran School closes after 133 years

PORT HOPE - Port Hope's St. John Lutheran School is closing due to declining enrollment after 133 years of offering a Christian education, most recently to K-8. "Throughout the years, thousands of young people have entered our doors and left with a firm foundation rooted in our Lord jesus Christ," the school released in a [...]

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Earl Pochert’s Last Letters Before His Death at the Battle of the Bulge

Earl Pochert During a very complicated battle near the end of World War II, American forces advanced toward Germany in a very intense war called the Battle of the Bulge.  The lives lost were many and included my uncle, Earl Pochert. In a letter written to his brother and sister-in-law (my parents), Earl [...]

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