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Stringless Banjo? By Art Fettig

My double-headed stringless banjo adventure I saw it listed in a senior's programs booklet. "Share Your Songs". I drove over to Chapel Hill to their Senior Center and met two young (by my standards but old by most's,) gentlemen with guitars.  The notice said to bring our acoustic instruments. Are finger bongos an "acoustic instrument"? [...]

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does by Art Fettig

Photo from Pixabay Did you ever do anything really stupid?  Things that cost you dearly?  Maybe you lost a friend or a lover or a job or a career because of your stupidity. Maybe you got kicked out of school or were publicly humiliated. Maybe you went to jail. Now if you are [...]

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Dim Down the Light by Art Fettig

I guess our lives will never bet the same. Well, I suppose that you have all now heard by now that Guiding Light the CBS soap opera that's been in existence for 72 years -- since 1937 on the radio and 1952 on the television -- will air its final episode post-Summer. The [...]

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Art Fettig Nugget: Among My Souvenirs

...see over fifty eagles on display and they bring me such happy memories. Fifty Eagles Years ago, singer Connie Francis had a hit song with the above title and it was a sad song about a broken heart. Today as I sit at my computer I can swing around in my fine chair [...]

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