Coughlan-Choquette, Jill

  Jill with her dog Elvis WXYZ: TV programming. Died: January 9, 2008. Three-time Emmy award winning TV producer Jill Coughlan lost her battle with breast cancer. Interning at WXYZ she made her mark with John and Marilyn at Kelly and Company. She moved on to KGO in her native San Francisco with continued [...]

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Clooney, Betty

WXYZ: (April 12, 1929 – August 5, 1976) Talent on Goin' Steady (1952-53).  The program was "said to be the most elaborate locally sponsored variety show on the air."[2] After Clooney's death, her family established the Betty Clooney Foundation for Persons with Brain Injury. It operates the Betty Clooney Center for Persons with Traumatic Brain [...]

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Cazavan, Larry

WXYZ: 1972-1975 Program Director; 1973 Executive Producer on The Hot Fudge Show WXVT: Larry died from cancer at the age of 67. Director Station WCPO-television, Cincinnati, 1967, Station KMBC-television, Kansas City, Missouri, 1967—1970, program director, 1970—1971. Assistant program director Station World's Largest Store -television, Chicago, 1972. Program director Station WXYZ-television, Detroit, 1972—1975, Station WISH-television, Indianapolis, [...]

Flechsig, Jack

WXYZ: TV Graphics and Art Director. (1948-1987) Born 1919, Died 1988 From the Brother Rice High School Student Parent Handbook 2013-14, "The school logo is the Warrior Head. The school nickname is the Warriors. The late Mr. Sheldon Brodley, a football coach and long time friend of Brother Rice, was responsible for our present logo. In 1969, he [...]

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