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Ross Reck: Avoiding the Easy Way Out Leads to a Far More Meaningful Life of the people attending the class raised her hand.. My wife, who directs a foster care and adoption agency, recently taught a class to would-be foster parents. She was discussing some of the challenges and difficulties that come with being a foster parent when one of the people attending the class raised [...]

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Never Confuse Critics with Mentors

Critics vs. Mentors On the road to success we all encounter two groups of people: critics and mentors--and it's important that we not confuse the two.  Critics are, by far, the largest of the two groups.  They are people who are not all that successful themselves and are jealous of other people's success.  They love to [...]

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Does Your Daily Life Require More Kindness

When we realize just how tethered to one another we truly are, we can begin to see through the veil which separates us and imagine other people’s lives as mirrors of our own. You cannot be human in isolation but only when united with other people. We must appreciate the interconnection,the process by which we [...]

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We All Need to Throw Kindness Around Like its Confetti

Kindness Lady Gaga recently said that, “Kindness is showing love to someone else. I believe that kindness is the cure to violence and hatred around the world.” This being the case, kindness is not something that should be horded or conserved. Rather, kindness is something that should be spread with wild abandon like it’s confetti! [...]

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Ross Reck: Be Careful Who You Listen To

Listening There's no shortage of people who like to give advice--in fact, many people thrive on it.  It seems like everywhere you turn there is someone who is eager to dispense their rendition of how you should do your job or live your life.  These people try to pass themselves off as experts and often [...]

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Ross Reck: A Life Lesson From Babies: They Have No Fear Of Failure

First steps First Steps Human beings start out in life with absolutely no fear of failure.  Take learning how to walk, for example.  We repeatedly failed over and over in our initial attempts, but we got back up and tried again with smiles on our faces.  The same thing happened when we learned [...]

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Ross Reck: It’s The Roughest Road That Usually Leads To The Top

Rough road? The Roughest Road It's the roughest road that usually leads to the top.  Why?  Because it's loaded with new challenges and experiences that enable you to learn, grow and expand your comfort zone.  Successful people understand this, which is why they rarely take  the easy way out of any challenging situation.  [...]

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A Life Lesson From Golf

Learn and Grow A professional golfer once informed me that the biggest reason most golfers' scores don't improve much is that they tend to play with other golfers whose skill levels are roughly the same as their own.  As a result, there's no one to learn from, so there's no growth or improvement. The same [...]

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Want To Increase Your Self-Confidence? Expand Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Study after study has shown that highly successful people possess high levels of self-confidence–a rock solid belief in their abilities.  This confidence stems from the fact that they have very large “comfort zones.”  The reason for this is that highly successful people, as they go through life, are constantly trying out new and [...]

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Ross Reck: Don’t Let A 10 Second Encounter Ruin Your Day

Rage in the Car The last thing you want to do when someone cuts you off in traffic, doesn't say thank you or doesn't hold a door open for you, is to take it personally.  Keep in mind that such behavior is not directed at you, it's directed at the world.  People who behave like [...]

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