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A Good Start in Life is Great, but it’s Nothing Compared to a Strong Finish

The Finish Line Some people get off to a very good start in life often for reasons beyond their control--sometimes their parents are able to do things for them that other people's parents can't or they're born with special gifts that others aren't. While we can't do anything to alter the circumstances surrounding [...]

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Even Irritating Things Happen for a Reason by Dr. Ross Reck

My friend recently made an evening trip to the grocery store that didn’t go as she expected it to. After she picked up the items she wanted and got ready to check out, she remembered that she needed ice cream. So, she returned to the back of the store to get it. When she got [...]

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Ross Reck – A Wonderful Act of Kindness Performed by a Caring Angel

Photo Credit: Ryan Hamilton via Facebook/Social Media Jennifer Earl recently posted the most touching article on From a rooftop across the street from Wrigley Field, Ryan Hamilton watched as a blind man tried to hail a cab after a Saturday afternoon Cubs game. The area was crowded with thousands of people and the [...]

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Getting Customers To Sell For You by Ross Reck

Getting Customers To Sell For You I have my cars fixed by an establishment called Don's Repair.  Although this place was a little out of the way for me, Don's prices were good and when Don fixed something, it stayed fixed.  So I started referring some of my friends to Don.  They were also impressed [...]

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Maintaining Relationships: High-Touch, Not High-Tech by Ross Reck

While electronic communication makes it possible for us to exchange information rapidly, it falls short when it comes to the caring and feeding of personal relationships. Relationships occur between two people and people need periodic personal touches from the other person if the relationship to remain vibrant. So get out from behind your computer screen [...]

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Negative Comments Hurt Everyone

Nothing good ever comes out of negative comments.  They make you, the sender, look bad to the people observing your behavior.  They also make the receiver feel bad.  If you regularly dish out negative comments, don't expect any of these people to give you their best efforts the next time you ask them for a favor. [1] [...]

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