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Lost in the Crowd – by Art Fettig

Say Something Good Orange Community Players/Annie We just attended the final performance of Annie and I can vouch for the fact that not one person on that stage today left anything behind.  Everyone in the cast performed like a dedicated performer and it was such a joy to be in that audience.  During a musical [...]

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Say Something Good – Church Choirs by Art Fettig

Church choirs.  Here at our church we are blessed with a terrific choir. Each Christmas time they present a special concert and this year I have been asked to introduce one of the numbers.  The other evening I attended their choir practice and for the first time I witnessed all of the hard work that [...]

Discount Coupons by Art Fettig

Discount coupons. Man, we have been livin' high on the hog lately dining out with discount coupons. We had a terrific lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and the bill was just $7 for the two of us. Then we went in for a snack at Hardy's and had two jumbo chili dogs and two double [...]

Easter Eggs by Art Fettig

Sunrise Services, Easter Egg Hunts, Deviled Eggs, Chocolate Rabbits, Malted Milk Eggs, Name your own poison but whatever it is it will probably remind you that with Easter and its religious significance comes the temporal fringe benefits.I saw a rabbit out in front of our house as I pulled up the drive yesterday and just [...]

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Basketball by Art Fettig

Tyler Hansbrough Yes, it is that week end again when all the talk around here is the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament. I'm sure that wherever you live there is some such critter. At the NCAA Selection Show tomorrow some 65 teams will be picked from around the nation for the NCCA battles. What is so [...]

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