Cazavan, Larry

WXYZ: 1972-1975 Program Director; 1973 Executive Producer on The Hot Fudge Show


Larry died from cancer at the age of 67.

Director Station WCPO-television, Cincinnati, 1967, Station KMBC-television, Kansas City, Missouri, 1967—1970, program director, 1970—1971. Assistant program director Station World’s Largest Store -television, Chicago, 1972. Program director Station WXYZ-television, Detroit, 1972—1975, Station WISH-television, Indianapolis, 1975—1978.

Manager Station KITV-television, Honolulu, 1978—1985. Program manager Station WTSP-television, Tampa, Florida, 1985—1991. Station manager Station WATE-television, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1991—1995.

Vice president operations Station WNAB-television, Nashville, 1995—1997. Executive vice president Florida Association Broadcasters, Tallahassee, 1997—1999, Barcazmor Consulting, since 1999. Sales manager Station WHDF-television, Huntsville, Alabama, 2002.[1]


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