Whataburger Accused of Discrimination Against Minorities

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Whataburger Accused of Discrimination Against Minorities

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Workplace Discrimination?

USA Today writes, “A former manager of a Florida Whataburger restaurant alleged she was retaliated against and forced to resign because she would not carry out racially discriminatory hiring practices as directed by higher-ups.  Her allegations are contained in a federal lawsuit filed Friday by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against the Texas-based fast-food chain. …” [1]

Kennard Law writes, “Workplace discrimination can not only cause emotional and mental damages to a person, but has the potential to escalate into physical abuse. When this happens, a victim may feel anger and confusion in the midst of their suffering. A Texas woman employed at a Whataburger recently claimed to have experienced workplace discrimination due to her weight and other personal traits which eventually escalated into her being injured at work. The victim made the decision to speak out after she says she suffered damage to her knees during an incident in which she was forced to clean the restaurant floor with a toothbrush on her hands and knees. Records show that she did file a claim for workers’ compensation following the humiliating experience. She also made the decision to notify the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for purported workplace harassment including race, gender and weight that led up to the situation. …” [2]


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