Lost in the Crowd – by Art Fettig

//Lost in the Crowd – by Art Fettig

Lost in the Crowd – by Art Fettig

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Orange County PlayersOrange Community Players/Annie We just attended the final performance of Annie and I can vouch for the fact that not one person on that stage today left anything behind.  Everyone in the cast performed like a dedicated performer and it was such a joy to be in that audience.  During a musical number titled N.Y.C., featuring a stage full of people, one stood out for me. You’ve heard the expression “Lost in a crowd.” Well in this wonderful number one could say that Chantel Bryant might well be “found in a crowd” onstage because of her magnificent voice.  For me that was the highlight of the show, musically, and that says a lot because of the level of superior talent that shared the stage. Hillsborough, NC was truly blessed with this showcase of fine local talent and this production of Annie.  May God bless America and keep our troops from harm.

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