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Faust, Vic

Victor Faust KTVI: WXYZ: Morning and Noon News and sports anchor. References: LinkedIn Twitter Recent Sightings: Fox2Now

Farris, Suzanne

WXYZ: Administration. Suzanne is the daughter of Loretta Farris, long time employee and business manager for television news. References:

Farris, Loretta (nee Trygar)

WXYZ: TV news business manager.  Born November 17, 1926, and died from Ovarian Cancer on December 27, 1989, at the age of 63. Suzan Farris, daughter of Loretta, also staff at [...]

Gray, Cheryl

WXYZ: TV news writer. References: Couple charged with embezzling federal funds in Detroit.   The Detroit News, March 25, 2011 (PDF) Supreme Court Denial from the Court of Appeals of [...]

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