Ross Reck – You Never Know when Fate Will Step In

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Ross Reck – You Never Know when Fate Will Step In

Amanda Levens

Amanda Levens and her boys

Adoption and Foster Care can change your life.

Three years ago, Amanda Levens was the associate head coach of the Arizona State University women’s basketball team. According to an article by Chris Murray which appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Coach Levens was driving between her home and the ASU campus when a voice on the radio said, “There are more than 17,000 kids in foster care who could use your help. At the time Coach Levens was in her mid-30s, with no kids, single and working 80-plus hours a week as a basketball coach, but something about the plea from the voice on the radio resonated. She thought, “I can help! I want to help!” She went to the first adoption orientation available, took all the required classes, and was matched (about a year later) with a set of brothers who were three and four. The adoption became official a little more than a year ago, but her boys still weren’t calling her Mom.  They called her Amanda or Mama Amanda. Two months later they were in Costa Rica with the ASU basketball team and her boys finally started calling her Mom. In coach Levens’ own words, “It actually took a lot longer than they said it would, but it just melted my heart.” Imagine how different three lives would be if Coach Levens hadn’t had her radio on that day. If you would like to read this heart-warming article in its entirety, click on this link.


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