Flashback: Lookout Summer! Remember July 5, 2011?

 Dust Storm or Haboob - Video captured from the roof top of the Optima Biltmore Towers at 24th Street and Camelback in Phoenix, Arizona. An incredible wall of dust blanketed most of the Phoenix urban areas. The video is shot from 15 stories over street level showing how fast the dust storm approached and [...]

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Arizona 347 – Most Dangerous Road in Arizona

A major artery into and from the City of Maricopa to the metro Phoenix area is one of the most dangerous roads in the State of Arizona. Issues: Speeders: It's not unusual to see people going over and estimated 100 miles per hour weaving in/out of traffic.  Very little traffic control because of lack of [...]

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Why is Trump Trying to Destroy Northern Arizona?

Grand Canyon Watershed up for Destruction? The Hill recently reported that President Trump is considering lifting the Obama-era ban on Uranium mining in northern Arizona -- a ban that was put in place to protect one of our state’s and country’s most beautiful and breathtaking regions. Mining in that fragile area would destroy a significant [...]

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Roll Over on One of Arizona’s Most Dangerous Road – AZ347

Another Slow Down for Morning Commuters Another roll over on Arizona 347 connecting the Phoenix metropolitan area with the City of Maricopa.  The accident occurred shortly before 7am on Monday, August 21, 2017, and primarily affected the southbound lanes.  Northbound lanes almost cam to a standstill while the "rubber-neckers" took a look at the accident. [...]

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