Connert Media Supports Net Neutrality

//Connert Media Supports Net Neutrality

Connert Media Supports Net Neutrality


Do it now!

Don’t let the President, Congress or the FCC destroy the Internet

This is very important especially for individuals and small business trying to survive in this technological age.

Take two minutes of your time:

  1. On your computer, not your phone, go to:
  2. Under Proceeding enter the numbers 17-108.
  3. Enter your name and address. You need the entire zip code, including the four digits at the end.  You can find the additional four digits at USPS.
  4. In comments, say “I support Title 2 oversight of ISPs. I also support net neutrality.”

You MUST press ENTER (return key) after your name or the form will keep re-setting.
Don’t be silent. Do it now. It’s simple and quick. Pass it on.


  1. Wikipedia – Net neutrality

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