Israel v Hamas – Solutions?

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Israel v Hamas – Solutions?

Stop the blame, stop the suspicion.

Refugee Camps – Create UN monitor refugee camps just inside Israel border with facilities for women and children until conflict eases. This would include health, food, sanitation. Allow Palestinians to stay if they also work in the healthcare facilities and food services.

UN Schools Have Israel Teachers – Allow sympathetic Israel citizens to enter Gaza and assist as teachers in the UN school facilities. These teachers can serve as assistant instructors but also monitor the school and neighboring buildings for weapon storage. Having Israel people embedded in these school would provide added incentive for these facilities not to be bombed.

Off Site Forums – Create young adult forums right here in the United States each with 10 Palestinians and 10 Israelees. Pay for full travel, food and hotel. For 30 days, let them scream, talk and stare at each other. After 30 days, send them safely back. Even if nothing comes of this, it puts a “face” on the problem. Do this over the next 10-20 years over and over again.

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