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Content Pirating

Hotlinking It is common for some folks to "steal" images from a developer's website and display on their own website.  This is a process called "hotlinking"[2].  Yes, it is pretty [...]

Word Press Plugins – Forms

Make you Wordpress site more interactive with forms.  Here are our recommendations.  Each has their individual advantages. eForms Caldera Forms Ninja Forms Gravity Forms Pirate Forms

Aiken Schenk Honored at HRC Gala

It began with a simple question. In December 2013, as Shawn Aiken and his wife arrived at their church in Tempe, Arizona, Joe Connolly, a fellow church member, asked Shawn [...]

Trump Lands in Japan Despite Protests

Literally within hours of arriving in Japan...#trump #maga #japan Trump in Japan — Rob Lando (@DCRobMan) November 5, 2017 References: Politicus  USA, November 4, 2017, Jason Easley - The Moron [...]

Why is Trump Trying to Destroy Northern Arizona?

Grand Canyon Watershed up for Destruction? The Hill recently reported that President Trump is considering lifting the Obama-era ban on Uranium mining in northern Arizona -- a ban that was [...]

Are You Due Missing Money?

Many business and institutions can't find you.  They then turn this money over to the state rather than keep it.  Use Google to search for "escheated property" and a state [...]