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Stokes, Chuck

WXYZ: TV Editorial Director.

Chuck Stokes

1988 Archive Photo


Louis Stokes

Louis Stokes, US Congressman, Father of Chuck Stokes


In the news:

  • WXYZ-TV – August 19, 2015 – Louis Stokes, retired U.S. Congressman and father of WXYZ editorial director, passes away at age 90 (PDF)
  • WXYZ-TV – June 28, 2011 – Chuck Stokes inducted into Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame (JPG)

  • President Clinton’s Visit to WXYZ – February 9, 1993

    Segments from The New York Times [1] article:

    But before the policy debate begins, there are important, though small, details to consider, like the color of the set here. The White House wants “Presidential blue,” and lacking guidance on exactly what hue that is, the station has come up with a sky blue, faux marble backdrop. And the stool.

    “What I picked out wasn’t extravagant,” protested Diane Fiolek-Mandel, the design director for WXYZ, as she stood today amid workers building the set for Wednesday night. “But they insisted that we don’t use it. What they wanted was a very, very plain stool. Go figure. I think they’re so wrapped up in the Presidential image.” White House Says, No Fuss

    Jeff Eller, the White House director of media affairs, insisted that there was no fuss about the upholstered stool. “I don’t want to get into a stool argument,” he said. “This is not a huge sticking point for the future of the town hall.” [1]

    The article continues:

    Ms. Fiolek-Mandel said the attitudes of the Clinton people had changed. “They’re a lot more picky now,” she said. “Their attitude is different. This time, everyone says, ‘He’s the President now.’ Before, they were a lot looser.” [1]


    Chuck Stokes, the editorial and public affairs director for WXYZ, said he picked the 60 people who will sit in the studio here with Mr. Clinton out of as many as 1,000 people who suggested questions in calls or faxes. [1]


    1. The New York Times, February 10, 1993, Richard L. Berke – Revival Meeting Tonight For Clinton the Populist (PDF)

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